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Clear Pre-Opened Auto Machine Bags

For use on automated packaging machines & loader systems.

Auto Bag Machine Bags Made in the USA  

Our Auto Machine Bags are a work of wonder. Designed with a tube-style manufacturing that is coupled with a tough bottom seal, Plastic Bag Partners' Auto Machine Bags come pre-opened with a pre-cut opening and perforated back.

This allows high-speed product insertion or similar stocking with automated loader systems. Stock and storage of these bags come pre-wound on a 3.5-inch core for ease of use.

Due to the manufacturing design incorporated, our Pre-Opened Machine Bags have a reputable clarity combined with a durable strength as well. Because of this flexibility, our bags can be closed in a number of different ways, depending how a customer wants to manage them. This can include heat-sealing, tying, stapling, and even taping.

Simply the Most Durable Machine Bags

The strength involved is beyond industry minimum standards by a mile. Our puncture values are three times that of other similar bags, and the load-bearing strength is twice as much as that of conventional bags. In the meantime, our bags still have transparent clarity without loss of integrity.

Auto Bag Machine Bags - Strength

Get it Fast for Less

Get it Fast  

In addition, our regional shipping system cuts down on shipping and freight expenses. Distributing from five different locations across the country, we can cut down plastic bags wholesale shipping expenses that otherwise eat into bagging orders from one location traveling across the nation.

Again, we keep savings in our customers' pockets while delivering quality clear plastic poly bags.