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Plastic Poly Bags on a Roll

Bags on a roll made in the USA All our clear plastic bags are made of 100% virgin Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) resin that meet FDA/USDA specifications. Easy dispensing with perforations between bags.
Tubular construction throughout with a durable bottom seal, make these bags on a roll the best on the market. This premium bag features superior clarity for showing the quality of your customer's products. Wound on a 3" core with 1" diameter core plug.

Simply the Strongest Poly Bags on a Roll

Every Poly-Bag on a roll is designed with the same integrity benefits and puncture strength as our other plastic bag products, providing three times the penetration strength and double the load-bearing strength versus similar competitor bags. For smaller bags, typically less than eighteen inches in width, these items are formulated for lower haze values to accommodate the need for superior clarity.


Save on Plastic Poly Bags on Rolls

Plastic Bag Partners also offers significant savings on Poly-Bag bagging if customers' orders don't have to be rushed. If a customer can allow a ten-day waiting period for a delivery and wants to order 25 cases or more, that given order can be a custom run just for the customer's specs and no other mixed in. This option allows a completely accurate needs order with significant savings since Plastic Bag Partners doesn't have to worry about inventory expenses. We save and the customer saves, as much as 30 percent off normal pricing. This in turn helps business redirect their monies towards other purposes than supplies. It's our way of making our business work better for our customers.

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