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Wholesale Clear Polypropylene Bags

The high clarity of these Polypropylene Poly Bags enhances the appearance of products.

Clear Polypropylene Plastic Bags

The features that make Polypropylene so desirable, is how transparent and clear they are. A good plastic bag evokes cleanliness, sanitized goods and protected value. This plastic clarity not only makes it easy to see the included contents inside the bag, but also enhances their appearance slightly and makes them more desirable in a retail environment. Psychologically, this style of bag has time and time again encouraged customers to desire the enclosed contents.

They block out all sorts of ambient and direct moisture, greases and oils, and gases or vapors from the contents. Many products can be damaged over time by just sitting exposed to these kinds of contaminants, but our bag will keep the product protected and new as the day it was first stocked or made. They also meet and can exceed federal requirements for food containment and handling. Additionally, this bag type is great for keeping food fresh and stopping the aging of perishables from oxidation.