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Industrial Towels & Wipers

Chicopee has the broadest line of industrial wipers that are engineered to deliver the strength and efficiency you need, from the removal of grease and grime on machinery, to fingerprints on a chrome grill. Whether you are looking to support a 5S system, adopt lean manufacturing methods or trying to create a more sustainable environment through the decrease of waste, water and energy consumption in the workplace, Chicopee offers the right wiper for your cleaning needs.


Veraclean Wipers are soft and durable, ideal for finishing touches and removing unseen residue. They are most often used in critical environments and are ultra-soft and thick wipers, which effortlessly remove remaining residue, dirt particles and fingerprints not necessarily visible to the eye.


Engineered with Spinlace technology, a unique triple-layer construction, Durawipe Industrial Wipers have enhanced performance and thickness which allows for superior oil and water absorbency. They are tear resistant and designed to wash and use repeatedly.

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