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Medical Waste & Linens Biohazard Bags

Ensure correct handling of bio-hazardous waste!

Our high-visibility Medical Waste Bags are marked with the international bio-hazard symbol.

  • Fulfill the requirement for color and print for the disposal of medical waste.
  • Printed with English and Spanish messages.
  • Ideal for use in hospitals, medical clinics, doctors offices nursing homes and any medical facility.
  • Made from linear low density polyethylene LLDPE
  • Durable reinforced gusseted bottom seal.

Quantity Discount on Medical Waste Biohazard Bags

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20-30 Gallon Medical Waste Biohazard Bags - 3.2 Mil Heavy Duty Medical Waste Biohazard Bags - 20-30 Gallon - 3.2 Mil

Width: 30 in. x Length: 43 in.
Gauge: 3.2 Mil
Packed: 100/CTN

Our Price: $89.95
8-10 Gallon Medical Waste Biohazard Bags - 1.3 Mil Medical Waste Biohazard Bags - 8-10 Gallon - 1.3 Mil

Width: 24 in. x Length: 24 in.
Gauge: 1.3 Mil
Packed: 500/CTN

Our Price: $69.95