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Polyethylene Plastic Sheeting on Continuous Roll

Polyethylene plastic sheeting / film makes a great covering for equipment and machinery to protect from moisture, dirt and dust.

  • Poly Sheeting / Film is an economical alternative to drop cloths.
  • May also be used to cover walls as a moisture barrier.
  • Great for multi-purpose use on construction sites such as covering lumber.

Made of tough Low Density Polyethylene Plastic (LDPE) films. Available in clear or black. Wound on a 3" core with 1" diameter plug.

For applications where strength is paramount, these items are engineered to provide three times the impact (ASTM D1709) and twice the tensile strength (ASTM D882) of conventional low density films.

Polyethylene Sheeting Strength - Plastic Bag Partners
Made from strong, low density polyethylene plastic. For inside or outside use to cover, protect, separate or moisture-proof. Our Clear or Black Plastic Sheeting can be used to protect equipment, machinery and materials from dust, moisture and dirt.

Need Perforated Polyethylene Sheeting?

We carry stock of Poly Sheeting tear off perforated rolls.
polyethylene sheeting 2 mil Perforated Poly Sheeting 1.5 mil polyethylene sheeting 1.5 mil Perforted Poly Sheeting Sheeting 2 mil


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