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Transhield VCI Shrink Bags

Available in 5 and 6 sided bags!

Transhield offers a unique, patented VCI (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor) called the VCI Delivery System. This provides premium corrosion protection in even the most corrosive environments.

What is Transhield with VCI?

Original Transhield is a patented three-layer Shrinkable Fabric. The outer layer is a special polyethylene shrink/stretch film. The middle layser is a hot melt adhesive containing no solvents. The inner layer is a soft, cloth-like polyester material. The combination of these three products provides outstanding surface protection.

Transhield's patented Adhesive Additive Delivery System (AAD) delivers Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) chemistry for the protection of packaged metals. The heat of the shrinking process warms the adhesive to a point where it emits 10 times the level of normal VCI vapors. Transhield with VCI removes moisture from stored products and helps eliminate corrosion for stored metal products. Also removes moisture from products during shipping.

Transhield VCI

Transhield VCI Covers Discounts

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Transhield VCI Shrink Bags - 12" x 12" Transhield VCI Shrink Bags - 18" x 18" Transhield VCI Shrink Bags - 24" x 24"
Width: 12 in. x Length: 12 in.
Gauge: 18 Mil
Packed: 20 /carton
Width: 18 in. x Length: 18 in.
Gauge: 18 Mil
Packed: 20 /carton
Width: 24 in. x Length: 24 in.
Gauge: 18 Mil
Packed: 18 /carton